“Museum Piece” Wins Peacemaker Award!

And the winner of the Western Fictioneers 2017 Peacemaker Award for Best Short Story is… “Museum Piece”!

Much love to my fellow nominees, along with the judges and all who make these awards possible. Most of all, I’d like to thank all the readers out there who keep this fantastic genre alive, especially those in demographics which have been sorely underrepresented over the years!

Read the winning story HERE, at The Missing Slate.

Circling the Brain

Circling the Brain” is now available in the December 2016 issue of Phantaxis Magazine on Amazon.

The story follows Moscow, a severed head in a jar, who is totally dependent on both his wife and electricity for survival. When she goes missing and their power gets cut off for nonpayment, his struggle for survival takes him down a dangerous road of introspection and intrigue.

“Museum Piece,” a feminist Western

issue-14_cover-1-200x268“Museum Piece,” a feminist Western that I really enjoyed writing, just got picked up for publication by The Missing Slate, an international literary journal. So excited!

The story follows an aging, debilitated outlaw who rides into civilized Reno to retire, but struggles with the choice, instead throwing in with a double amputee and his half-Chinese niece against a crooked Sheriff cum outlaw hunter.

“Regeneration Gap” Finds a Home

My typical experience with submissions to possible publishers involves month after month of impersonal, gut-wrenching rejections, so it’s a rare treat for me to get two acceptances in the same week. Yet here we are.

Look for “Regeneration Gap” in the Autumn, 2016 issue of The Colored Lens. The plot follows an elderly mortal sidelined by a culture of ubiquitous immortality. When the milk for his porridge spoils, he must endure the company of a new robot caretaker and the hostility of the outside world in order to replace the milk and regain his self-respect.

Tarnished Silver

Tarnished Silver” is now up on Fabula Argentea!

Here’s what the publisher had to say on why they choose it for their July 2016 issue:

We enjoy good character-driven fiction, and this one is certainly rife with interesting characters. This one tells two stories of a family: one of the selfless past and the good memories of a simpler time when family mattered, and one of the selfish present where family is forgotten.

Author Brian Koukol beautifully bridges those disparate stories with a character who plays a minor role in the scheme of the story, yet he’s there to remind us that the past still lives on even when those who experienced it firsthand are gone.”

Read it HERE and let me know what you think. There’s a scattering of expletives in the piece in case that matters to you.

Site is live!


The first short story I was actually given money to write is set for publication in July, so I figured it was about time for a site of my own. It may not be much, but I hope it might just shed a little light on the man behind the words. Feel free to sign up for the mailing list, follow me on social media, or send me an email.

When “Tarnished Silver” goes live on Fabula Argentea, expect word here first. It’s one of my rougher, earlier pieces, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Until then, it’s back to work for me, putting the finishing touches on the Western, “Museum Piece.”