Science fiction & fantasy magazine cover, featuring a tattooed man with a mohawk breathing cold air onto a stack of flaming books chained to his waist. He's holding a magic fireball in his only visible hand. Links to Amazon.Circling the Brain
Moscow is a severed head in a jar, totally dependent on both his wife and electricity for survival. When she goes missing and their power gets cut off for nonpayment, his struggle for survival takes him down a dangerous road of introspection and intrigue.


Buy it on Amazon in the December 2016 issue of Phantaxis Magazine





Museum Piece e-book cover, featuring a cut-out in the shape of a female cowboy filled in by a rusty sunset and a gnarled desert tree. Links to Amazon.Museum Piece
Aging outlaw Silje Rash rides into civilized Reno to retire, but struggles with the choice, instead throwing in with a double amputee and his half-Chinese niece against a sadistic Sheriff looking to make a name for himself. (Winner the 2017 Western Fictioneers Peacemaker Award for Best Short Fiction)


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A black piece of slate etched in the likeness of a European medieval castle, encircled by a stylized frame of stained red wood. Links to Amazon.Propinquity
Exiled to Earth for the mental illness of empathy, an insectoid alien refugee must wage an internal war between morality and a hunger for human souls.


Buy it on Amazon in Volume 1 of The Society of Misfit Stories Presents…





Cover of speculative fiction magazine, featuring an open book on a rough wooden table, its pages frozen in mid-flip as it spews magic motes of shimmering golden stardust into the darkness. Links to Amazon.Regeneration Gap
Fritz is an elderly mortal sidelined by a culture of ubiquitous immortality. When the milk for his porridge spoils, he must endure the company of a new robot caretaker and the hostility of the outside world in order to replace the milk and regain his self-respect.


– Buy it on Amazon in the Autumn, 2016 issue of The Colored Lens



Horror magazine cover, featuring a creepy doll with a vertical crack slicing across one concerned blue eye, away from the parted red lips of its pudgy little face. Links to Amazon.

Pie in the Sky
An elderly performer must come to terms with both his increasing debilitation and a string of murders in his nursing home, exclusive to clowns.


–  Buy it on Amazon in Issue 24 of Bete Noire Magazine






Executive Pressure
Peder Danyels, a low-level executive sent to investigate an accident on a high-gravity mining planet, quickly learns that claustrophobia and life on a heavy don’t mix.

Get it for free on Smashwords in The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Vol II


Tarnished Silver
A tale of life and death and familial greed—in a retirement community.

Read it in the July, 2016 issue of Fabula Argentea



Coming Soon

“Fashion Emergency”
In a botched effort to duplicate herself, an engineer accidentally travels back in time to 13th century Scotland, where she proceeds to irrevocably alter her future present.

– Arriving December 2017 in The Chronos Chronicles: a SF Anthology from Indie Authors Press


Vanisth is a centuries-old vampire who runs a feudal estate of humane blood production. Exhausted by the constant bombardment of his heightened senses, he seeks a return to the human form of his youth… no matter the cost.

– Arriving June, 2018 in The Society of Misfit Stories


“Vegetable Pulp”
Pascal, a sentient celery plant, must survive a world of agricultural horrors in an effort to reach a distant land of peace and safety.

– Coming Soon to Wild Musette Journal



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  1. Brian’s prose, full of humor, devastation and tenderness, achieves with swift clarity and elegance what most writers only dream of achieving. His vivid stories leave an indelible mark on the reader, transporting them into worlds both familiar and bizarre, subtly raising uncomfortable questions about human nature while providing such great entertainment that we’re more than willing to squirm. Getting sneak previews of his work has been one of my greatest reading pleasures, and I can’t wait for more!

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